Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Where Stats Come Alive!"

This morning on the Discussion Board I was asked which country was the world’s leading exporter. I know immediately where to go for the answer any time I need comparative statistics. I know that I’m weird, but I love macro statistics, and a really nice resource for country data is a website is called NationMaster. Choose a category, pick a stat, and compare the nations of the world.

Who is the most murderous? Columbia, followed by South Africa. Richest? Luxemburg. NationMaster provides data from reputable sources, such as the U.S. Census Bureau, The CIA World Factbook, the United Nations, The World Bank, as well as other international organizations. Sources for all facts and figures are cited, which is an absolute necessity in doing research. Give NationMaster a try. It’s addictive and easy to use.

Here is the data on richest countries as reported by the World Bank. Hats of to Ireland, the Celtic Tiger for rising to fourth place! It wasn’t so long ago that Ireland was one of the poorer parts of Europe, with people as its major export.

Extra Credit: Where does the United States rank in longevity or life expectancy at birth? What is the source of this information? If you are the first student to send me an e-mail (kwoodward@saddleback.edu) with the answer, you will be rewarded with two extra credit Discussion Board points. Only two points extra credit per student can be earned in any given week from the blog questions.

I hope you have a great Halloween.

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