Monday, November 06, 2006

Back to the Economy: Confronting America's Growth Challenges

Economic growth is one of the most important topics studied in macroeconomics. On Halloween the New America Foundation held an important conference on economic growth called “Back to the Economy: Confronting America’s Growth Challenges.” The conference featured some of the best macro minds in the business that holds diverse normative perspectives. The vdeo of the complete event is available online. The conference really brings the concepts discussed in Chapters 6 and 8 to life, and provides lots of ideas and material for Discussion Board posts.

I really like the mission statement of the New America Foundation: “Powerful forces -- from rapid technological change to massive demographic shifts, from economic globalization to the rise of new global powers -- are remaking America. Now, more than ever, our nation needs a robust public debate that does justice to the complex challenges and opportunities of this unfolding era. Instead, there is a dearth of new thinking on both sides of the political divide, and a lack of investment in developing the creative young minds most capable of crafting new public policy solutions.”

Extra Credit: If an economy is growing at 3% per year, how many years would it take the economy to double in size. If you are the first student to send me an e-mail ( with the answer, you will be rewarded with two extra credit Discussion Board points. Only two points extra credit per student can be earned in any given week from the blog questions.

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