Monday, April 16, 2007

Is their green in going macro green?

In an earlier blog entry, I suggested that The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman may be one of the most important books that you could read in college. Now Thomas Friedman is back with some further ideas on how to sustain the long run growth of our economy.

Check out Thomas Friedman's cover story on the “Power of Green” in yesterday's New York Times Magazine. According to Friedman: “The bottom line is this: Clean-tech plays to America’s strength because making things like locomotives lighter and smarter takes a lot of knowledge — not cheap labor. That’s why embedding clean-tech into everything we design and manufacture is a way to revive America as a manufacturing power.”

Here is a video interview with Tom Friedman on how America can regain its international stature by taking the lead in alternative energy and environmentalism. Or if you prefer an audio interview with Friedman on his proposed green makeover for the economy, click here.


Amir said...
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Amir said...

Friedman's writings serve a great purpose as we continue in the 21st century. The potential for the United States to build up rapport and gain its luster back is laid out quite well by Friedman. The World has indeed seem to have gone flat, and in order to gain the edge over nations like China and India, we must innovate through the "power of green." The fed could use some excitement anyway.

macromind said...

Thanks, Amir. It was great meeting you.