Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Falling Dollar

This week’s Economist magazine (my favorite, of course) focuses on the depreciating dollar and the threats to its role as the international reserve currency. There are two articles on the falling dollar and the panic about the dollar that should help to put the material in Chapter 19 in its current context.

Paul Krugman, the co-author of your textbook is an expert on international finance and currency crises. Chapter 20 of your text is a bonus chapter on Currencies and Crises if you are interested. Currencies and crises would make a great Discussion Board topic.

Extra Credit: Paul Krugman and his spouse, Robin Wells, are the coauthors of your e-book for this course. Aside from being a Professor of Economics at Princeton, what are Krugman’s other activities. Cite your source. If you are the first student to send me an e-mail ( with the answer, you will be rewarded with two extra credit Discussion Board points. Only two points extra credit per student can be earned in any given week from the blog questions

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